Notions and Solutions for Human Representation

Kneeling figure, AztecKneeling figure, AztecThe representation of the human body and the privileging of verism, in general, have long been the yardsticks of 'civilization' and 'great art' in the Western world. New World peoples did not necessarily suscribe to similar aesthetics. In fact, quite the opposite - New World groups developed their own ways, solutions, if you will, for portraying the human body. Portrayal of the human body appears to have coincided with local dispositions and notions of efficacy, status and role, as much as it had to with local approximations of beauty.
Dancing figure with fan headdressDancing figure with fan headdress
Seated figure, NayaritSeated figure, Nayarit
Reclining female figurine, PueblaReclining female figurine, Puebla

G. Lau | Jun 2004