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Welcome to the 'Artworld Community'. In this section users can utilize most of the interactive features of the Artworld web site. In order to take full advantage of these features, you must first be registered and logged in.

Logging in

You can log in by clicking on the link which appears below the grey bar at the top right hand-side of the page. If you have not yet registered with Artworld, this can be done in an instant by, likewise, clicking on "log in" and then completing the registration form.

An overview of the Artworld Community

Under the heading 'Artworld Community' you will find four main areas: News, Contributions, Galleries and Questionnaires. The following table illustrates the features included in each section and the added privileges given to logged-in users.

All users:
Logged-in users:

This RSS News feed brings you up-to-date news form various sources on subjects relevant to the Artworld web site.N/AContributions Each contribution is associated to a specific teaching module text. Any contributions made will appear below the particular text. User can also see an entire list of contributions in the "Artworld Community" section.Logged-in users can add any number of written commentaries to any of the teaching module texts. Directly below each text there is a text link "add contribution". Galleries All public galleries can be viewed. They can be found under "galleries" in the Artworld Community section.


users can create their own galleries which could consist of any number of images from the Artworld Catalogue and a piece of text. Your gallery can be published or remain private and can be edited at anytime.Questionnaires Questionnaires are either accessed from within a "teaching module", where a link can be found above and below the main text, or via "questionnaires" in the Artworld Community section. Completed questionnaires are automatically sent via email to the questionnaire's author for marking. Please only expect feedback from an author who has instructed you to complete a questionnaire. Primarily designed as a teaching aid for lecturers, questionnaires can be designed and published by all logged-in users. Completed questionnaires can then be sent to the email address you used to register with Artworld.

Veronica Sekules | Oct 2006