Janiform amulet

janiform amulet
view: front

This amulet shows a male and female figure back to back. The female clasps her hands over her chest, underneath her breasts and the male figure holds a horn-shaped object to his chest. Although they are the same height, the male figure is slightly bigger in girth than the female.

Ceremonial axe with janiform figure

ceremonial axe with janiform figure
view: left

This ceremonial axe is made from a mid-brown wood, and has been identified as being produced by a master carver. It displays a janiform figure at the top of the axe sharing a single coiffure and featuring a serene manner with closed eyes.

Goldweight representing a drummer

goldweight representing a drummer
view: front

This brass goldweight is depicted with ringleted hair and tattoo markings. It has a carefully modelled head and face.

Bamileke dance mask

Bamileke dance mask
view: quarter 1

The Bamileke cluster are a group of tribes comprising several chiefdoms, with a common culture, living in the grasslands of the former French Cameroons. Some of the chief administrative/tribal areas of the Bamileke are Banfang, Bafoussam, Bangangte, Bangu, Bangwa and Dschang.

Male figure on post

Constructed from one piece of wood, this male figure stands on a cylindrical post and shows the right hand positioned at the top of his chest and the left hand resting on his stomach.

Earthenware figurine

earthenware figurine
view: front

The remains of this figurine show the legs, torso and right arm only. The head, left arm and part of the torso have broken away at an earlier date. The legs and arms are short and rounded in shape, with a stocky shaped torso.


view: front

This figurine is very slim and flat, and is anthropomorphic in shape with a very short torso. The arms are horizontally placed in relation to the body with squared-off triangular shaped legs.


view: front

The legs of this figurine have broken off, but the torso and arms shows highly decorated forms, which is armour-like in appearance. The ovoid head shows large almond-shaped eyes, which have the appearance of being closed.

Head from a jar

head from a jar
view: front

This convex head broken from a jar shows large almond-shaped eyes, with a horizontal incised line suggesting the eyes are closed. The eyebrows are wide and span the entire eye area joining in the centre where it joins to a small, slightly upturned nose.

Sarugaku mask: old man

Sarugaku mask: old man
view: front

This mask is made from hinoki wood with traces of clack and white pigment. Small perforations round the rim suggest an attachment of headdress or costume. This concave mask shows highly pronounced cheekbones, which give the appearance of hollow cheeks.

Hanging scroll: Deity Taishakuten

hanging scroll: Deity Taishakuten
view: front

This sketch is mounted on a gold-coloured patterned background and depicts an intricately executed ink drawing of a deity. The figure has long flowing robes and holds a thunderbolt in the right hand, while five fire-like features encircle the head.

Hanging scroll: Shoki on a horse

hanging scroll: Shoki on a horse
view: front

This long vertical scroll shows the top and base panels in a jade green floral motif, while the centre panel is of a gold patterned design. The image shows a man riding on a horse that is raised up on its hind legs, against a grey background.

Hanging scroll: Plum branch bound up with narcissus

hanging scroll: Plum branch bound up with narcissus
view: front

This scroll painting is mounted on a cream-coloured lattice and floral motif silk panel. The image is set against a dark background and shows a flowering plum branch, at the base of which are bound narcissus leaves.

Hanging scroll: Scholar in a mountainous landscape overlooking water

hanging scroll: Scholar in a mountainous landscape overlooking water
view: front

This illustration is set upon a gold-coloured patterned silk panel. The image shows a misty coastal scene, with mountains in the background. In the foreground is grassy hill with a tree and a man looking out to the choppy sea, and two boats in the distance.

Hanging scroll: Portrait of Juttoku

hanging scroll: Portrait of Juttoku
view: front

The scroll is a light to mid brown in colour with a floral patterning. The image shows a fairly simple line drawing of a standing figure wearing long robes with large flowing sleeves, and wearing sandals.

Hanging scroll: Memorial portrait of the Priest Kogaku

hanging scroll: Memorial portrait of the Priest Kogaku
view: front

This scroll has a brown background with gold floral motifs with a dark green silk panel at the base and top. The image shows a bald man seated on an a elaborately decorated chair, upon which is a red and jade green intricately patterned throw.

Hanging scroll: Portrait of the poet Kakinomoto Hitomaro

hanging scroll: Portrait of the poet Kakinomoto Hitomaro
view: front

This scroll is pale green in colour, with an inserted patterned panel of mid brown, gold and green, within which is the painting. This schematic thick line drawing is set against a cream background and shows a figure seating possibly cross-legged. Only the facial features show any detail.

Hanging scroll: Portrait of the poet Sakanoue Korenori

hanging scroll: Portrait of the poet Sakanoue Korenori
view: front

The scroll is mid-brown in colour with a blue patterned floral panel in which sits the image. The rectangular cream background sows a figure sitting cross-legged, wearing red and cream robes covering his arms and legs.

Hanging scroll: Scholar's retreat in the autumn mountains

Hanging scroll: a scholar's retreat in the autumn mountains
view: detail

This long scroll shows a jade green jacquard print background with a cream inset panel on which the scene is painted. The image shows a mountainous scene, in the centre of which is a clearing showing two small thatched houses.

Folding album of twelve landscapes in Chinese styles

folding album of twelve landscapes in Chinese styles
view: detail 1

This album in different Chinese painting styles should be viewed as a sampler of historical painting forms, demonstrating not only Chikuto's artistic talent but also understanding of Chinese art history.