Boshan lu glazed jar

boshan lu glazed jar
view: front

Large, cylindrical pottery 'boshan lu' hill jar with cover.

Water dropper

water dropper
view: front

Pale green jade vessel and cover in the form of a bird with a large tail.
In the shape of a phoenix carrying her baby.

Carved bamboo wrist rest

carved bamboo wrist rest
view: front

Finely carved yellow and brown bamboo wrist rest, made from a segment of bamboo.

Spade money

spade money
view: front

Flat, solid bu 'spade' money with rounded shoulders and roughly squared feet. There is a raised inscription of seven characters on the obverse reading 'liang ban shang er jin dang lie', meaning Liang superior money, half (unit), two equal to one lie. The reverse is plain.

Iron horse

iron horse
view: front

Hollow cast iron Ferghana horse, designated for the tomb of a high-ranking dignitary, according to the scale of Tang sumptuary laws regulating the height and number of ming qi figures for burial.

Tomb figure of a foreign scholar

tomb figure of a foreign scholar
view: front

White glazed pottery tomb figure of man originally holding a staff in his right hand and with a bag attached to his waist.

Dragon-handled funerary vase

dragon-handled funerary vase
view: front

Ovoid funerary vase of buff earthenware, in the shape of an Hellanistic amphora. The vase has a ribbed neck with a bowl-shaped mouth and slightly everted rim. There are two handles applied to the sides of the vase at the shoulder and rim.

Sui stoneware jar

Sui stoneware jar
view: front

Small globular jar of grey stoneware with a short neck, four small loophandles and a concave base.

Incense burner

incense burner
view: front

Longquan celadon ware incense burner in the shape of a ding.

Shufu ware stemcup

shufu ware stemcup
view: front

Shu fu ware stemcup.

Ding ware dish

ding ware dish
view: detail 1

Ding ware porcelain dish with moulded decoration.

Jun ware lobed bowl

Jun ware lobed bowl
view: front

Jun ware bowl.

Cizhou ware meiping vase

cizhou ware meiping vase
view: front

Cizhou ware meiping vase with ovoid body, contracted neck, flat everted lip, and low foot rim decorated with a bold design of very thick purple-black peony and leaf scrolls on a cream background.

Blue and white porcelain ewer

blue and white porcelain ewer
view: front

Blue and white porcelain wine ewer with cover.

Cizhou pillow

cizhou pillow
view: front

Cizhou ware ceramic pillow, in the form of a small boy.

Dehua fairy boat

dehua fairy boat
view: front

Dehua blanc de Chine porcelain boat with seven fairies.

Cherrywood chair

cherrywood chair
view: front

fine quality Chinese cherry wood ceremonial chair, the rounded back carved and composed of two dragons, solid seat, with heavily carved apron and supports.

Square Qing teapot

square Qing teapot
view: front

Sancai porcelain rectangular teapot in the shape of a well.

Carp and trigrams snuff bottle

carp and trigrams snuff bottle
view: front

Porcelain snuff bottle, with yellow stopper and snuff spoon.

Guaizi dragon snuff bottle

guaizi dragon snuff bottle
view: front

Glass snuff bottle of flattened ovoid shape, with a coral stopper and snuff spoon.