Unspecified wood

Seated figure of a chieftainess

seated figure of a chieftainess
view: front

This carved female figure is seated and holds a pot or cup in her left hand and a staff in her right. The ears are pierced and a metal loop remains in the left while the right ear lobe has broken. The teeth appear to be filed but the front teeth are missing.

Luluwa male figure

Luluwa male figure
view: front

This figure displays significant scarification patterns on the face, neck and torso.

Standing female figure

standing female figure
view: front

This female ‘nkisi’ or

Ancestor figure

ancestor figure
view: front

This standing male figure is an ancestor figure made from wood of a dark patina.

Wooden seated figure

wooden seated figure
view: front

This male figure sits in a cross-legged position with the left hand positioned on his left knee and the right hand rests on the chin.

Wooden Fang mask

wooden Fang mask
view: front

This mask is constructed from a yellowish wood with traces of kaolin on the oval-shaped face. It has small eye slits underneath large, dark eyebrows, a long nose and appears to be baring its teeth.

Wooden Kwele mask

wooden Kwele mask
view: front

This large wooden mask shows some a heart-shaped face, with cowrie-shaped eyes a large bulbous nose and traces of kaolin, however no eyeholes are apparent. There is significant damage to the left eye, together with both sides of the mask and a broken piece of wood at the top and base.

Female half figure

female half figure
view: front

The long slender body shows a female torso surrounded at the base by animal fur and a set of blue and white beads. The beads appear to have some form of encrustation around them, as does the base of the carving near the animal skin.

Mother and child group

mother and child group
view: front

This standing figure of a mother and child is carved from a mid-brown wood with a soft sheen. The faces of both the mother and child are particularly well carved and detailed and both look out to the viewer.

Yombe wooden mask

Yombe wooden mask
view: front

This mask is made of a light-coloured wood and displays painted lips and eyebrows, with a vertical motif painted on the forehead. There are apertures for the mouth and the eyes, and a hole on each side of the mask by the ear suggests attachments for wearing.


view: front

This creature has been identified as a yellow baboon. It sits on a wooden base, adopting a posture on all fours, with the large front paws overlapping the vertical edge, while the back paws face backwards, curling round and under.

Wood and cane pipe

wood and cane pipe
view: front

This pipe is of a small size with a short stem and has more in common with European versions, than African. It shows a Turk’s head with a plaited ring of cane that binds the end of the pipe bowl to the stem.

Miniature mask

miniature mask
view: front

This small mask displays cowrie-shaped eyes, a flat nose, and full lips. V-shaped markings can be seen under the eyes and some faint encrustation is evident round the mouth and nose area. Faint traces of knife marks can be seen on the left temple.

Female standing figure

female standing figure
view: front

This standing female figure displays a large head and long torso in relation to the short legs. There is significant

Male standing figure

male standing figure
view: front

This male standing figure displays a traditional coiffured hairstyle and a beard. He also shows elaborate

Pipe bowl

pipe bowl
view: front

This is an unusual rendering of the human body.


view: front

This oval shaped cup is for the ceremonial drinking of palm wine. Carved to a very smooth finish, there are two openings to allow for drinking (double-mouthed). The perforated lug on one side shows a geometric motif on the side and top, and evidence of wear suggests the cup was suspended.

Cosmetic box

cosmetic box
view: front

The patterning on this carved cosmetic box is reminiscent of Kuba textile designs. The crescent shape relates to the lunar cycle, and traditionally the fertility of women.

Dance mask for the Ekpo society

dance mask for the Ekpo society
view: front

Carved from dark wood this mask displays bulging facial features with large openings for the eyes and mouth. The protruding forehead is topped by two broken goat horns.

Dan dance mask

Dan Dance Mask
view: front

This shallow mask is constructed of a dark wood with a slender nose and slits for eyes. Holes around the rim suggest where a costume was attached, and three rows of holes at the top of the mask may suggest multiple attachments.