Wooden palm wine cup

Wooden palm wine cup
view: quarter 1
Wooden palm wine cup
view: left
Wooden palm wine cup
view: right
Wooden palm wine cup
view: back
Wooden palm wine cup
view: top
Wooden palm wine cup
view: front

This palm wine cup is carved from an unspecified wood and has a handle, which is uncharacteristic of many Kuba palm-wine cups. The carving on this cup shows an elaborate and incised hair style with scarification marks adjacent to the ears. The left ear is set much further back than the right, with evidence of wear, which suggests continued usage. The handle is situated at the back of the head, and emerges from the base of the cup to the middle of the head. This is carved in the shape of a person, with a similar face to that of the cup itself. Its slim body shows the right arm flexed across the chest and the left flexed across the stomach. There is again, evidence of wear on the handle, with the nose being completely worn away. Together with evidence of wear on the nose on the front of the cup and a smoothness of the rim, this all suggests the cup was certainly used, although it is uncertain if palm wine was the preferred choice.

Object details
Type of object: Cup
Type category: Receptacle or vessel
Material: Unspecified wood
Width: -
Height: -
Depth: -
Style/Period: Helen Coleman
Date range: 1800-1899 CE
Discovery site: Helen Coleman
Personal name: -
Role: -
Culture: Kuba
Record data
Artworld id: 10000
Current accession number: UEA 1086
Former accession number: -
Credit line: Wooden palm wine cup. East Africa. Zaire: Ba Kuba. 19th century. Wood engraved with guilloche and linear patterns. Acquired 1992. UEA 1086
Recorded by: PC
Record date: Sun, 2nd Jun 2002
Copyright: Copyright© by the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, UEA, Norwich, 2002. All Rights reserved