Seated figure of a chieftainess

seated figure of a chieftainess
view: quarter 1
seated figure of a chieftainess
view: left
seated figure of a chieftainess
view: right
seated figure of a chieftainess
view: back
seated figure of a chieftainess
view: front

This carved female figure is seated and holds a pot or cup in her left hand and a staff in her right. The ears are pierced and a metal loop remains in the left while the right ear lobe has broken. The teeth appear to be filed but the front teeth are missing. The figure is wearing a skullcap showing geometric designs. What appear to be round metal nail heads are driven into this figure; one each above the knees, one on each breast, seven across the chest, one on each upper arm, five across the forehead and one on each upper cheekbone. Elaborate scarification patterning on the skin is highly visible on the torso and back.

Object details
Type of object: Figure
Type category: Sculpture in the round
Material: Unspecified wood
Width: 135 mm
Height: 375 mm
Depth: 145 mm
Style/Period: Helen Coleman
Date range: 1800-1999 CE
Discovery site: Helen Coleman
Personal name: -
Role: -
Culture: Yombe
Record data
Artworld id: 10310
Current accession number: UEA 253
Former accession number: -
Credit line: Seated figure of a chieftainess. Africa, Zaire or Congo Republic:Yombe. Late 19th/ early 20th century. Wood.h.37.5cm. Acquired 1968. UEA 253.
Recorded by: SA
Record date: Thu, 1st Jan 1970
Copyright: Copyright© by the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, UEA, Norwich, 2002. All Rights reserved