Scribal palette

scribal palette
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scribal palette
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scribal palette
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scribal palette
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scribal palette
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scribal palette
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scribal palette
view: back
scribal palette
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scribal palette
view: top
scribal palette
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scribal palette
view: front

Scribe's palette made from wood.
The palette is long and rectangular and has a long groove hollowed out of the upper surface for holding rush pens. The pen section would have covered by a sliding lid, which is missing. There are two small circular wells carved at the other end of the palette; the top well is full of black pigment and the lower well shows traces of red pigment. The lower well is encircled by an incised shen-symbol and it can be assumed that the top well is similarly incised. The name and title of the owner of the palette is incised in hieroglyphs between two straight lines, below the two wells.

Source: 1880. Catalogue of the Collection of Egyptian Antiquities at Alnwick Castle, London: R. Clay, Sons, and Taylor, p. 191
Relational references:
Strouhal, E. 1997. Life of the Ancient Egyptians. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, p. 219.
Object details
Type of object: Writing set
Type category: Implements and utensils
Material: Ink
Width: 6 cm
Height: 27 cm
Depth: 0 cm
Style/Period: Unknown/unspecified
Date range: 1540 - 1292 BCE
Discovery site: Unknown/unspecified
Personal name: -
Role: -
Culture: Egyptian
Record data
Artworld id: 00108
Current accession number: -
Former accession number: N1452
Credit line: -
Recorded by: LW
Record date: Fri, 18th Jan 2002
Copyright: Copyright© by the Oriental Museum, University of Durham, Durham, 2002. All Rights reserved