Porcelain and wood seated figure

porcelain and wood seated figure
view: quarter 4
porcelain and wood seated figure
view: left
porcelain and wood seated figure
view: right
porcelain and wood seated figure
view: back
porcelain and wood seated figure
view: front

This cross-legged figure has detailed facial features with porcelain-inlaid eyes and black painted pupils. The plaited skullcap and armlets suggest chiefly status. There is a circular discoloured patch evident on the torso with a nail hole at the top and bottom and this may indicate where fetish material was placed. The figure displays pierced ears and a hole in the centre of the full lips indicates where a pipe or other object may have been placed. The posture this figure adopts is related to thoughtfulness and wisdom among the people of the Kongo region. There is a vertical crack in the wood from the torso to the base.

Object details
Type of object: Figure
Type category: Sculpture in the round
Material: Porcelain
Width: 111 mm
Height: 285 mm
Depth: 122 mm
Style/Period: Helen Coleman
Date range: 1800-1999 CE
Discovery site: Helen Coleman
Personal name: -
Role: -
Culture: Yombe
Record data
Artworld id: 10308
Current accession number: UEA 915
Former accession number: -
Credit line: Porcelain and wood seated figure. Africa, Zaire or Congo Republic:Yombe. Late 19th/ early 20th century. Wood, porcelain.h. 27.9cm. Acquired 1985. UEA 915.
Recorded by: SA
Record date: Thu, 1st Jan 1970
Copyright: Copyright© by the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, UEA, Norwich, 2002. All Rights reserved