Mask with fibre beard

mask with fibre beard
view: quarter 1
mask with fibre beard
view: quarter 4
mask with fibre beard
view: left
mask with fibre beard
view: right
mask with fibre beard
view: back
mask with fibre beard
view: front

This slim, shallow wooden mask shows a white face, painted with white clay or kaolin, and has a fibrous beard attached to the base of the mask. Facial features show cowrie-shaped eyes and a long, sagittate nose, and no mouth. Two holes at either side of the eye-line were used as means of attachment.

Relational references:
Hooper Steven. ‘Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Collection’ vol. 2. Yale University Press, 1997. Biebyuck Daniel, ‘Lega Culture’ University of California Press, 1973.
Object details
Type of object: Mask
Type category: Costume and jewellery
Material: Unspecified wood
Width: 79 mm
Height: 310 mm
Depth: 24 mm
Style/Period: Helen Coleman
Date range: 1900-1999 CE
Discovery site: Helen Coleman
Personal name: -
Role: -
Culture: Lega
Record data
Artworld id: 10013
Current accession number: UEA 270
Former accession number: -
Credit line: Mask (with a fibre beard attached). Africa, Zaire: Lega. 20th century. Wood, with traces of white decoration. h. 31.0 cm. Acquired 1961. UEA 270
Recorded by: PC
Record date: Tue, 2nd Jul 2002
Copyright: Copyright© by the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, UEA, Norwich, 2002. All Rights reserved